Welcome to RUMBLEROYALE.gg v 1.0

We finally have a website!

The 4-year long journey is now coming to an end and a new one has just begun as RUMBLE ROYALE finally launches RUMBLEROYALE.gg, the official website of RUMBLE ROYALE by RUMBLE ROYALE!

So what can you expect from RUMBLEROYALE.gg?

More content!

Ever since its inception, RUMBLE ROYALE has been dead set to create amazing content, not just for its own fans but also for the rest of the gaming community. This time though, RUMBLEROYALE.gg will be more than just gamin as it also tackles what’s hot and what’s new from other subcultures of Geekery such as:

  • Video Game news and features
  • Tech reviews and trends
  • What’s new in films!
  • Anime, Cosplay, and other things Otaku
  • Cool stuff from our Community Members!
  • News and updates from RUMBLE ROYALE’s affiliate talents.
  • New shows!

Home Page Sections Explained

So you’ve landed on RUMBLEROYALE.gg, what do you find first? The homepage of course! Now let’s do a quick rundown on the homepage shall we?

First of course is the big slider where we show what’s the latest FEATURED content like news, shows, updates and other cool stuff. Under is if THE FEED which highlights the latest posts in RUMBLEROYALE.gg

Scrolling down a bit further we are introduced to the COMMUNITY section which shows links to RUMBLE ROYALE affiliated and moderated communities. A little further down we get the PATCH NOTES section where we post what’s latest from RUMBLEROYALE.gg like new features and add-ons. And of course a little further below is a section for our PARTNERS! Brands that are currently teaming up with RUMBLE ROYALE so we can buy more coffee to create more awesome content!

Coming soon to the website

Now the tagline “v 1.0” isn’t just some fancy add-on, it means that it’s the beginning, the beginning of new and fun ways to create more content for YOU the community, and with that in hand more and more new features will be implemented on RUMBLEROYALE.gg in the coming days, weeks, months and even years! A dedicated community hub, sections to watch your favorite shows, parts where you can discuss what’s what with the posts, and of course, the chance to CONTRIBUTE your own awesome CONTENT!

We have a lot of plans for RUMBLEROYALE.gg and we hope that YOU, our COMMUNITY will be part of this new journey, as such, don’t be shy when sending your FEEDBACK (and even critique!) by contacting us!


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