See, game developers are humans too.

The newest, biggest game releases in terms of reception came out last week in the form of God War 4. The game was easily the talk of the town after receiving tons of great reviews from different media outlets.

#Perfect10 God of War 4 is the latest PlayStation game to receive full marks in terms of Reviews from multiple Gaming Media outlets.The game is officially out TOMORROW! Are you excited to play it?

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Seeing the great response to their work, the game’s director Cory Balrog posted a video reacting to the positive reception of the game. Cory says that he was “really nervous” when checking the reviews, and was overwhelmed with the high positive reception that the game received.

Cory says that he was glad that they didn’t “f*** it up” knowing the legacy of the God of War franchise and was driven to tears knowing that people were happy with the final product. God of War 4 is now the top 2 positively reviewed game for the PS4 over at Metacritic, with the top 1 being Grand Theft Auto V, with a critic score of 95, and a user score of 9.3.

Have you already played God of War 4? What are your thoughts about the game?

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