Want to earn PHP 1,000 per week? Ask us how!

Legit to!

Showcasing your best League of Legends plays just become easier and what’s amazing is you can also win CASH for it EVERY WEEK! How? Easy, just join our newest webshow,TONS OF DAMAGE: The League of Legends Pinoy Top Plays.


Every week, RUMBLE ROYALE will be showcasing 5 EPIC League of Legends plays submitted by YOU, Pinoy League of Legends players with the TOP PLAY OF THE WEEK to win 1,000 Pesos!

How to Join

To join, simply record your play using League of Legends new Replay system and upload it to www.RUMBLEROYALE.gg/topplays for a chance to win! Note that thousands are submitting their plays weekly (our last count was already at 8,000 submissions!) and are thoroughly reviewed by a team composed of a pro player, an analyst and a League of Legends shoutcaster.

How to record your play?

Recording your epic play is easy! Just login to your League of Legends account through Garena, head to your “Profile”, go to “Match History”, find the match where you made your EPIC play, download and watch the replay and record the part where you made your EPIC play!

Recordings are then found at your PC’s My Documents or Documents folder inside the League of Legends\Highlights folder.

5 plays will be chosen each week with the TOP PLAY to win 1,000 Pesos! Also, viewers will have the chance to win 200 RP each week just by watching the show! GGEZ!

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to submit your top play and Follow or Subscribe to us on Twitch at twitch.tv/RUMBLEROYALE to watch our weekly releases and to find out if your play was chosen as the TOP PLAY of the week!


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