Are you ready to become the next King of the Iron First Tournament champion?

Esports roads are heading to Amsterdam this year as Bandai Namco Entertainment heralds the return of one of their biggest Electronic Sports spectacles yet, the Tekken World Tour.

Kicking off this March the Tekken World Tour will invite and feature TEKKEN 7 pros from all over the world in a series of global competitions each rewarding not only cash prizes but also points to qualify for the World Championship.

This year’s Tekken World Tour promises lesser overlapping tournaments and a singular tournament leader board, with 2 category placements, the Challenger and the Master tier. Players are not also limited to entering qualifying events in their home region as they can now join TWT sanctioned tournaments outside in other regions given the new structure.

Just like last year, Playbook’s REV Major will also be part of Tekken World Tour 2018, and is classified as a Challenger Tier event for the Asia-Pacific. The REV Major easily became an international Fighting Game spectacle during its debut last year with multiple international TEKKEN pros attending the event, like titans Kim “JDCR” Hyun Jin and Bae “Knee” Jae Min, who graced the crowd with a fantastic performance during the finals.

The Tekken World Tour 2018 will kick off this coming March 16 in Georgia, USA’s FINAL ROUND event, and will run up until November for the Grand Finals in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The full schedule is available over at the official Tekken World Tour website.

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