Former Cloud 9, Immortals, and Counter Logic Gaming stars are gonna be making up Team Liquid’s new dream team.

With the new Franchise model implemented, the League of Legends pre-competitive season for the North American region is easily bound to be a scouting fest, and so far, looks like Team Liquid is winning the scouting race as they form the new “North American Dream”.

2 players of the rumored new lineup has already been confirmed starting off with former Immortals player Jake “Xmithie” Puchero and followed by Eugene “Pobelter” Park, which is also from team Immortals.

Xmithie started his career with team APictureOfAGoose back during late 2011, and has been part of prominent North American gaming clubs such as compLexity Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming. Pobelter on the other hand started his career back during 2011, and was also part of team Counter Logic Gaming before playing with Xmithie under the Immortals brand.

Together with Xmithie and Pobelter numerous rumors of other former CLG and Immortals, pros joining Team Liquid, have surfaced online one of them being KimOllehJoo-sung, and as well as other prominent names in the NA LCS; Team SolodMid‘s and Cloud9‘s Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, JungImpactEon-yeong, and

Should the remaining 3 rumored players, Doublelift, Impact, and Olleh join Team Liquid then it is safe to say that the team will instantly become the new “Dream Team” for the North American region, not just because of the caliber of the players that are involved but also because of the huge fanbase that has backed teams CLG, TSM, Cloud9 and Immortals during their heydays.

More confirmation regarding Doublelift, Impact, and Olleh‘s inclusion to Team Liquid, should it be true, should be announced soon.

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