Nintendo’s hit fighting game title is coming to their newest console.

Nintendo’s most recent Nintendo direct broadcast has finally confirmed one of the most awaited ports to their new hybrid console through the form of Super Smash Bros. One of the most popular fighting game titles of all time, Smash is finally unveiled to be heading to the Switch soon and will also be released within this year.

First released back in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, the Smash Bros. series features cross over characters from other popular franchises, not just the ones under Nintendo but also from other games like the Metal Gear series, Pac-man, Bayonetta and Sonic the Hedgehog. The series was highly praised for its multiplayer gameplay and has since been a staple addition to high-level tournaments such as EVO.

While Nintendo hasn’t exactly revealed as to when the game arrives on the Switch, although given that it is another major title for the Switch it will most likely hit the stores in the coming holidays.


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