RUMBLE ROYALE’s most action packed community event is back!

Members of the gaming community rejoice as now’s the time to show off your video game skills LIVE with RUMBLE ROYALE’s Community Brawl. Happening every Wednesday and Friday, the RR Community Brawl will feature 2 of the most popular competitive games in the Philippines, League of Legends and PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS and will invite gaming community members to participate in the weekly matches.

Each week, the Community Brawl will feature different players from various Regions in the Philippines and as well as various in-game Divisions or ranks to participate in team versus team and player versus player matches, each with varying themes. Last week, the RUMBLE ROYALE Community Brawl for League of Legends had the theme “Bronze Wars” which pit players from the Bronze Rank division of the League of Legends Philippine server resulting in action packed and highly entertaining moments.

Yung kalaro mong tinawag bigla ng nanay

Parang sumakit ata yung ulo ng Kuya Sh1n Boo mo sa nangyari 😂Watch more League of Legends shenanigans LIVE at the RUMBLE ROYALE Twitch channel!#RRCommunityBrawl#BronzeWars

RUMBLE ROYALE 发布于 2018年3月2日

Aside from the Bronze Wars, the Community Brawl for League of Legends will also soon feature players from other League of Legends Rank divisions and as well as teams from major cities and regions in the Philippines!

Sign-ups for next week’s Community Brawl is now up and players can now head on to the following links for a chance to get featured LIVE on the RUMBLE ROYALE Twitch channel.

RUMBLE ROYALE Community Brawl Bronze Wars (League of Legends):

RUMBLE ROYALE Community Brawl – Chicken Dinner Nights (PUBG)

RUMBLE ROYALE Community Brawl Regional Wars (League of Legends)

  • Coming Soon!

RUMBLE ROYALE Community Brawl Archon Warriors (Dota 2)

  • Coming Soon!

The RUMBLE ROYALE Community Brawl is PURELY a community centric event and does not offer nor promise any prizes for the participants. 

Show off those gaming skills LIVE! Join the RUMBLE ROYALE Community Brawl NOW!

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