Rumor has it, something BIG is going to happen for League of Legends Philippines.

A new historic partnership between some of the biggest brands in video games and mainstream products in the Philippines has been revealed last week. This by way of Globe launching their “Globe Gaming” program which, together with their newfound partners “designed to provide gamers and fans access to the latest titles, local, regional and global esports competitions, original content and exclusive programming”.

Obviously putting a focus on online titles as being a telecommunications and internet service provider, Globe has teamed up with Garena for their published titles, Arena of Valor, Riot Games, developer of the hit MOBA, League of Legends, and the Mineski Events Team, one of the Philippines premiere organiser of major esports events like the Manila Masters, a major Dota 2 event which invited international, high-caliber teams.

One of the most notable projects  in the pipeline of the Globe Gaming program that was mentioned through many news postings and press releases was the Conquerors Manila, a regional championship event for competitive League of Legends teams in South East Asia, with the winner to earn a direct seed to the most prestigious League of Legends event of all, the League of Legends World Championship. Deemed to become SEA’s “leading, sanctioned, competitive LoL event”, Conquerors Manila has been the talk of the town lately with numerous rumors being thrown around as to how the whole thing would run and as to where will it be concluded.

One of the biggest hunches, although still unconfirmed, was for the event to be held in the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, which has become home to many major Esports events held here in the Philippines such as ESL One Manila, the Manila Major, and of course, MET’s Manila Masters.

ESL One Manila is described by many as the first major International esports event held here in the Philippines. Photo by TechPorn

Now going back to the Mineski Events Team, obviously, they were the ones that run the whole Manila Masters event and had the SM Mall of Asia Arena as their event venue of choice so the rumor that Conquerors Manila will be held in the same location could hold a lot of weight. Still, in terms of how League of Legends events are usually being handled here in the Philippines other venues such as the World Trade Center, and the SMX Convention center can also be considered as both venues have also held, not just Esports and Gaming events like the CrossFire Stars and the League of Legends Rampage, but also conventions that cater to thousands of people.

The crowd during Rampage 2013, the first Rampage event to be held in the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. Ever since then Garena has been holding the Rampage event in large convention centers like SMX and WTC.

But will Conquerors Manila really go for such high profile venues? Chances are it will if it’s aiming to be a premier event in the Region when it comes to League of Legends and given the fact that it will have, not just Globe, but Riot Games’ backing. Should this rumor be true, this will be the second instance where Manila will witness an international event for League of Legends with teams from SEA flying to the country to participate, with the first being the GPL Spring 2017 finals which were held in SM Aura Taguig City.

As of the moment, no final information or details are being given out just yet, and, as the title suggests, we are currently only working on rumors and speculations as to where the SEA’s “leading, sanctioned, competitive LoL event” will take place, although one thing is for sure, with Globe and Riot Games’ newfound partnership things are starting to go major for Philippine League of Legends.

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