Bluehole’s unveils concept design for PUBG’s next map.

It’s been the talk of the town for a few months but just earlier Bluehole finally reveals just what type of map is coming next to PUBG.  Discussed in their 2018 Roadmap post, PUBG’s third map looks to be a jungle island.

Implementing a 4×4 KM design, Bluehole aims for the new map to have shorter, more action-packed matches. 5 major drop points scattered across the island, based on the concept design, with most of the land area covered by forests. The new map could also favor close quarters to mid-range combat with a good percentage of the land mass covered by trees.

Aside from the new map design, Bluehole also reveals that they are working on a few graphical tweaks and updates to the looks of some of the buildings might be on its way soon. The game will also soon have an emote system with Bluehole hoping to run it soon on the test servers.  A new weapon is also being teased by the developers and will be added to the roster of rifles that are using 7.62 mm bullets.

Together with the new map, weapon, and the emotes, Bluehole also states that they are working on the game’s stability and security, and as well as server optimization tweaks, although they haven’t gone into detail as to what specific issues are they ironing out.

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