PUBG shows off gorgeous screenshots of upcoming Desert map

Tall buildings and desert landscapes, all beautifully rendered.

Murder Island won’t be the only map for the hit battle royale BATTLEUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS as after months of anticipation they finally show off and further confirm that a new map is in the works for the game’s future updates and that is the desert map.

Being tossed around for the past few months or so, the Desert map will look to have buildings with 6 or more floors, new structures such as a market complex, and of course more kill opportunities for players to try out and master. As per the previously leaked shot of the mini-map, the Desert map will have 2 large cities, nicknamed Killbox and Hard Luck and as well as multiple small settlements giving it a rough total of 12 potential drop locations when it comes to cities and towns. However, do take note that the final build could have more or less.

The new Desert map will hopefully arrive once PUBG enters its first full release which is slated later this year together with the new Vaulting system.

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