PS4 HYPE! Check out the new trailers for some of PlayStation’s biggest upcoming games!

God of War, The Last of Us II, Monster Hunter World, all of Sony PlayStation’s biggest games are getting new trailers to hype you up!

Sony PlayStation is taking a major share of the spotlight at the Paris Games Week and it’s taking it by storm as it unveils multiple new trailers for some of its biggest upcoming games.

Starting off with what maybe the most anticipated sequel of this generation, Naughty Dog gives us more grit and more Ellie as a cutscene clip takes us to the brutal fate of the titular orphan as she and a few companions try to brutally get their way out of capture.

More monster beatdown, and a surprising cameo (or more like DLC) entertains us as CAPCOM teases massive fights in their upcoming title, Monster Hunter World. Now who is the surprise DLC character you ask? Well you just have to watch the trailer to find out.

A celebration of fatherhood also takes place at PlayStation’s Paris GW spot as we are given a slice of some God of War action featuring gameplay mechanics that show how Kratos fights with his son.

Sledgehammer Games’ war machine also rolls into the Paris Games Week as they showcase more bloody action in their new addition to the long running Call of Duty Franchise, Call of Duty World War II. Featuring the adrenaline-pumping action bought by the hail of bullets, quick scopes using a bolt-action sniper rifle, and of course, the part where you control a big gun, COD:WWII’s trailer gives us a good preview of the Carentan DLC pack, which will be available in the game’s Season Pass.

Finally, the highly anticipated remake of a classic is given more love at the Paris Games Week as we get to see more footage of the SCE Japan Studio’s Shadow of the Colossus remake. The footage takes us into the journey of Wander and Mono as they traverse through weather and terrain onward towards the Shrine of Worship.

Most of the games featured above are due out either early this year or by next year so be sure to save up and get your wallets ready and your bodies prepared.

Which game are you looking forward to the most?



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