Pro player who got caught threatening to hurt his Girlfriend live on the stream gets a 20-month ban

Newbee’s Vasilii might have already met the end of his pro-gaming career.

In less than a month after a terrible scandal that shocked many League of Legends fans, Riot Games has finally issued a ruling against Chinese pro player Li “Vasilii” Wei-Jun after an incident of him threatening to physically hurt his girlfriend getting caught on the stream.

After an investigation conducted by Riot Games which involved talking to both Vasilii and his girlfriend, it was found out that Vasilii may not have assaulted his girlfriend although it was also found out that Vasilii  “made credible threats of physical violence and death threats toward a defenseless person in a private home that were intimidating enough for her to call the police“.

As such, Riot Games has implemented a 20 competitive month ban on Vasilii effective immediately and will last until January 2020. In addition to their ruling, Riot Games has also stated that they would be looking to tweak their rulings stated in their Global Penalty Index to account for extreme cases such as Domestic Abuse.

Vasilii‘s pro gaming career started back in 2012 where he first played under team EHOME, before joining other Chinese League of Legends clubs Royal Club Tian Ci, and LMQ. Vasilii had his longest tenure with a pro gaming club under ViCi Gaming which lasted from 2014 to 2016 before transferring to IN Gaming and ultimately to team Newbee.

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