Overwatch Community. While it’s sometimes tricky to figure out how tough things are, everything here drops QL 10 gear, which is the highest QL I’m aware of. Most likely this means that you received a fraudulent code from a third-party seller. Other than my lack of interest in Guild Wars 2, I suppose I’d be the kind of relatively inactive annual pass player that they might be targeting with this launch window. Orcs, trolls, undead, cattle, space squid goats with gazelle legs – are you kidding me? I was accused earlier in the week of not knowing what a gold sink is.

That run, we were going to kill Lich King 25 on Heroic mode. Oh yeah, just every damn expansion at this point, that’s all. Growing up in the late 90′s, like a lot of kids, I fell in love with the Final Fantasy series through the brilliantly marketed Final Fantasy VII. This probably is the most ‘normal’ character of the three. What I enjoyed the most and felt most confirmed in, is the overall feel of the game: the atmosphere, the large scale world, the music and art, and of course the classes and races which I find, for the most part very accomplished and fun to play.

Of course, the irony is that while I’ll be sporting the Witch Hunter get-up, I don’t actually know how much I’ll use the deck itself. That feeling will pass, but then I’ll say in all honesty that I don’t know what other MMO I’d likely play any time soon, after GW2….what is there, anyway? Bards have been my favorite class in MMOs since Dark Age of Camelot. The setting is the thing with TSW, first, foremost, and absolute. I’m also a Guild Leader though, so I still would love the Idea of guild housing. Given the way things work out, I guess we’re looking at late August for the pre-release patch.

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