Otaku Community. The setting is the thing with TSW, first, foremost, and absolute. I’m also a Guild Leader though, so I still would love the Idea of guild housing. Given the way things work out, I guess we’re looking at late August for the pre-release patch.

I also had a pop at the jumping puzzle near the start and boy did it frustrate the bejesus out of me! I By that, I mean, they’ve decided to leave and we aren’t going to go follow and beg them to reconsider. Now, there’s a very lore-centric reason that Turbine chose to exclude female dwarves, and it’s not that they don’t exist. Then my enemies are on me like white on rice. The first one will come out this December and the second a year after, in 2013. Don’t capture the South GY unless you know exactly what you are doing.

This year LOTRO has a brand new festival that falls between the Spring and Summer festivals called the Farmer’s Faire. Additionally, a guild designed from the outset for WvWvW can focus on specific perks that help in those specific situations, unlike a smaller guild which often has to also suit folks who like some PvE or crafting or whatever. I’ve decided to go down the Blades and Pistols route and am going for the Paladin deck as that seems to suit my play-style pretty well. The community could regulate itself by ostrasizing harmful elements such as ninjas, slackers and jerks.

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