The dynamic Pinoy shoutcasting duo, Lon, and Dunoo are now immortalized in the new Dota 2 TI8 Battle Pass. Released earlier today, TI8 compendium holders can now hear the voices of Mineski’s iconic casters through the in-game voice chat wheel.

The voice chat wheel pack includes lines such as “Easiest money of my life”, “The next level play!” and “Echo Slamma Jamma”, all delivered in the level of hype that only Lon and Dunoo can. Lon, which is known in real life as Marlon Marcelo, is one of Mineski’s first shoutcasters, and is perhaps one of the very pioneers when it comes to Esports shoutcasting in the Industry. Dunoo, or Aldrin Pangan in real life, on the other hand started his Mineski career back in 2011, and has been part of Mineski’s shoutcasting team for its headline events such as the National Cyber Collegiate League, and the Mineski Pro Gaming League, and as well as official Filipino broadcasts of major Esports events like Dota 2’s The International.

Aside from Lon and Dunoo’s voice chat wheel packs, the TI8 Battle Pass, or the TI8 compendium also brings new and unique content to the game. Unique game modes will be made available to Compendium users  such as the Underhollow, or a team-based Battle Royale with creeps. The Cavern Crawl which is a new take on the daily hero challenge. And a Mutation mode which introduces crazy modifiers to in-game skills and effects!

Dota 2 but Battle Royale

Together with unique game modes, the TI8 Battle Pass also comes with new immortal level items for heroes like Pit Lord, Vengeful Spirit, Ancient Apparition, Lich and many others, all of which can be unlocked by either completing missions for points, or by purchasing levels.


The TI8 battle pass or compendium can now be bought for a base price of USD 9.99

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