Support mains unite!

It’s only been a month since we’ve had a new champion release for League of Legends but looks like Riot’s creative squad isn’t stopping anytime soon as the next new champion is reportedly already in the works. Given that we’ve had a “high-risk markswoman” as the latest champion to be released, it only seems fitting that the next champion in line would be a Support.

Never turn your back on the sea.

Possibly using the “sea” theme, this new champion will most likely be related to Nautilus, Nami, Fizz, and the like, and is described as an “aggressive playmaker” with a “dark” theme. Aside from the newest champion in the works, Riot Games have also set up plans to rework Aatrox and Akali, and has also added Nunu to the list of Champions that will receive a rework.

But what will this new Champion feel like? With Riot describing it as an “aggressive playmaker” it may mean that this new champion’s abilities will highlight mobility and crowd control with relatively low skill cooldowns to keep up the aggressiveness that this champion can offer. Although take note that all of these are merely speculation and we are still yet to get more info regarding just how this new champion would feel and play like.

What are your thoughts with Riot’s new champion roadmap for League of Legends?

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