League of Legends’ new PROJECT: Hunters themed merch will totally make you go riot


During the midst of the League of Legends World Championship 2017, Riot Games teases League of Legensd with more of what’s to come for the game, especially in the realm of cosmetics as they introduce PROJECT: Hunters. Launching perhaps during the per-season phase, PROJECT: Hunters essentially adds 3 new Project themed skins for champions, Vi, Jhin and Vayne, and as well as a new event, PROJECT Overdrive.

PROJECT: Huntes 2017 Login Theme

League of Legends PROJECT: Hunters Login Theme

RUMBLE ROYALE 发布于 2017年11月14日

But it looks like skins are not be the only things that we will be getting for the new PROJECT: Hunters content as Riot Games has also announced that new merchandise themed after PROJECT:Hunters are also now available at the official Riot Games merch shop!

Introducing a whole new set of mini-figures featuring Zed, Katarina, Yasuo, Ashe and Lucian!

The mini-figures set is now available for online order via the Riot Games Merch store for USD 35.00 but it’s not only that as Riot Games also launches a new t-shirt line featuring the PROJECT:Hunters design.

The t-shirt lineup includes designs from Yasuo, Lucian, Zed, Ekko, Katarina, Ashe, Leona, Fiora and Master Yi, although sadly, looks like the new additions to the PROJECT lineup, Vayne, Vi, and Jhin doesn’t have their t-shirt designs yet.

Aside from mini figures and T-shirts, Riot Games also readies a PROJECT themed mousepad and snapback cap for online order.

The PROJECT T-shirts costs USD 25.00 each, while the mousepad is priced at USD 18.00, the Snapback cap on the other hand is available for USD 35.00.

Which of these new cool League of Legends merch would you love to have?

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