Esports is going to get finger, licking good.

The fried chicken KFC has just announced that they will be hosting an Esports event, in partnership with holdings company ESforce for this year’s KFC Battle. Dubbed as the KFC Esports Championship, the event will feature Dota 2 teams from the Russian and CIS competitive regions complete with the finals to be held in Moscow.

KFC Battle is KFC’s international youth project held in Russia and CIS which aims to promote sports, culture, and education to young individuals in the region. This year, citing the rapid growth and popularity of Esports KFC has decided to include Esports as part of the event, with the first focus on Dota 2, one of the most popular games in the region. Teaming up with ESforce, the KFC Esports Championship will come complete with a live broadcast to be handled by RuHub.

Esforce, KFC’s partner for the KFC Dota 2 Championship, is one of the most prominent names in the Russia and CIS Esports scene and is also one of the owners of RuHub and holds advertising and media rights to some of the region’s biggest names, Natus Vincere and

The team-up with Esforce seem to be a first for KFC, but is already expected to yield major results when it comes to participation and attendance. The KFC Esports Championship will cover 27 cities all over the Russia and CIS region, with players as young as 14 years old being encouraged to participate. Aside from becoming the champion in the Superfinal this coming July at Moscow, the KFC Esports Championship winner will also earn a slot at the 2018 Russian Esports Cup, alongside other big names in Dota 2.

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