Iloilo to host its first ever Esports Convention, CONQuest 2017

Video games go big on Iloilo City as they host CONQuest 2017 this coming December!

Iloilo City surely had its hand full on Esports events earlier this year with their highly successful Interschool Esports leagues which invite aspiring League of Legends highschool leagues from all over the city to represent their beloved institutions in a brawl for high school supremacy.

This coming holiday, the Esports action in Iloilo is looking to turn up a notch as the people behind the Acclaim Interschool Eleague and the ongoing Visayan School League aim to launch Iloilo’s first ever Esports convention, CONQuest 2017.


But what is CONQuest 2017?

The organizers behind CONQuest 2017 describe the event as the “first convention in Iloilo primarily dedicated to the budding local electronic sports industry as well as other local multimedia communities like anime/cosplay, digital arts and tabletop gaming.” meaning that Esports, despite taking the spotlight, is not the only highlight of the event as it also welcomes communities of all all related geekery to participate in a one-day event that celebrates gaming.

Speaking of highlight CONQuest2017 will host the finals of the League of Legends Collegiate League Visayan Finals, together with other Esports competitions for game titles like Tekken 7, NBA 2k18, and Super Smash Bros, and also events for Card Game enthusiasts featuring Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering, and Cardfight Vanguard, and a Cosplay Competition to celebrate otaku culture.

CONQuest 2017 will be this coming December 16, 2017 at the DIAMOND JUBILEE HALL Iloilo City, tickets are priced at PHP 100 (Basic), PHP 200 (Premium) and PHP 500 (VIP), each with their own respective freebies. The event is made possible through the efforts of the ISC Events Team together with Acclaim Computer Center.

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