It’s so good, we actually wanna buy it!
April 1st is automatically synonymous to a day of pranks and jokes not just from friends but also from  brands in the games and tech industry. Gag announcements, absurd product concepts and light jokes are totally expected from the biggest tech brands but this year, GIGABYTE turns things up a notch with a prank so good that we actually want it to be real.

It could probably even rival the Razer toaster!

Introducing the Aorus RGB sneakers, the shoes built for Esports champions!

Look at this bad boy

Nicknamed the “Lightning” GIGABYTE describes this bad boy as a shoe “designed for gamers” complete with features such as “RGB Fusion Sync for all of your Aorus products”, with “unlimited color illumination” and “customizable lighting effects”. Heck, GIGABYTE even went the extra mile and created an actual ad for the gag product!

Of course, even though the “product page” does include a price tag (which is for USD 99) and even an “Checkout” link, the whole thing is nothing more than a prank although, fans seemed to love the novelty of the idea and some are actually wishing for GIGABYTE to release the real thing!

Ugh, we can only wish.

Of course, many will argue that other gaming and tech brands can top what GIGABYTE did for their April Fools’ prank (and that’s totally okay) but this one just hits very, very close to reality.


How about you? What’s your favorite April Fools’ prank from your favorite gaming and tech brands?

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