Fortnite’s much-awaited comet has landed and no, it did not destroy Tilted towers.

After much anticipated, Fortnite’s new game season has finally begun with the doomsday comet finally raining down on one of the game’s locations. However, contrary to what was expected, it was not Tilted Towers that were destroyed by the comet but instead, Dusty Depot.

Located north of Salty Springs and Fleet Forge, Dusty Depot is now nothing but a crater, although a new location did open up on the map, named Risky Reels. Together with the map changes a couple of other new things like Hop Rocks which lets players play around with Gravity.

Together with the Season 4 update also comes an update to the Fortnite Battle Pass which now includes 100 new reward tiers and even updates to Fortnite Battle Royale’s gameplay.


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