Fortnite’s viewership numbers continue to soar high, topping the charts for nearly every single for the past weeks.

Epic Games’ battle royale spinoff to their sandbox title Fortnite seems to be paying off really, really well as the game continues to become the most viewed title on the streaming platform, Twitch. Based from the stats pulled from the tracker site SullyGnome, the game was able to rake in 5,000 years worth of video content in the past 2 weeks and has even surpassed League of Legends in daily viewership.

Fortnite’s popularity has also even surpassed its rival’s, PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS, with popular PUBG streamers like Dr. DisRespect even seen taking part in all the action.

Perhaps the most popular PUBG streamer, Dr. DisRespect is recently seen playing more Fortnite in his streams.

But what is up with Fortnite’s popularity? One of the easiest things to point out about Fortnite in contrast to PUBG, is how the game is free to play in contrast to its main competitor. Aside from being free to play, another reason that’s being pointed to why Fortnite is pulling in, not just more Twitch viewers, but also more players, is how it’s more well built and the variety of gameplay that it offers thanks to the Battle Royale mode utilizing some of the sandbox mechanics like building forts and farming for resources.

Just like the original version of the game, forts play a very vital role in winning Fortnite Battle Royale

As of the moment, Fortnite still continues to stay at the top of the Twitch charts as the viewer and streamer numbers continue to grow. If will it continue its streak and continue to compete for the top spot on Twitch in the long run though is going to be another story.

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