Fans of the 11th installment of the Gundam franchise should definitely look forward to the culmination of its 10th anniversary as it has been revealed that Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is getting a sequel! Revealed by the series director, Seiji Mizushima, via tweet, the continuation of the story of the Gundam meisters is bound to happen 10 years after the end of the series back in 2009.  This announcement was made during the Gundam 00 Festival 10 Re:vision in Tokyo early this week which also revealed a stage play adaptation of the series.

The Gundam Meisters, together with Graham Aker, and Saji Crossroad

But what story will the sequel tell us? Seiji Mizushima hasn’t revealed any details about the plot yet, although many are speculating that it will continue after the events of A Wakening of the Trailblazer, and will star new Gundam meisters.

Are you excited for the next chapter in Gundam 00?

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