Valve wants you to pay monthly for Battle Pass goodies.

The much awaited seasonal Battle Pass makes a return to the community of Dota 2 but things are actually shaping to be not the same as they were before. In a surprise announcement from Valve, the new seasonal Battle Pass will now be called Dota Plus and will use a subscription model for players to buy.

Using the subscription model, Valve would want you to pay USD 3.99 per month to take advantage of Dota Plus perks. Subscribing to Dota Plus will allow players to complete different in-game challenges which will award shards which can then be used to buy cosmetics from the Dota Store.

Playing with Dota Plus active on your account will also unlock the Hero Progress bar which is similar to League of Legends’ Champion Mastery system wherein you earn certain rewards such as Badges the more you play or master a hero.

But perhaps one of the most talked about addition to Dota Plus is the Plus Assistant feature which gives improved, and more detailed hero and match related information such as item build variations, ability suggestions, a more detailed death summary graph and even real time gameplay analytics. And oh, you also get to participate in the weekly Battle Cup which is nice.

Given that it will use a new subscription system, the community is easily torn by Dota Plus with some saying that some of the perks should just be made free for players like the Stats and Gameplay helpers. Also, in contrast to the old iterations of the Battle Pass, there is no detail yet as to how the new Dota Plus system will impact the prize pool of some of Valve’s premiere tournaments like the upcoming The International Dota 2 Championship.


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