PUBG’s new custom game is a race to 80 with infinite respawns.

More custom game modes have arrived to PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUDNS this week as War Mode is now made available to custom game key holders.  Taking cue from the traditional deathmatch mode of other hit FPS games, PUBG’s War Mode lets players fight in a static area, in a race to be the first to reach 80 points by taking out other players, reviving team-mates and eliminating an entire squad.

Getting killed early on in the game doesn’t mean total elimination though the game mode includes a Respawn mechanic which lets still active players re-enter the battlefield through dropoff airplane. Each player will also be getting a weapon, an SMG, once they land eliminating the hustle of looting and putting more focus on the action. In contrast to PUBG’s normal game modes, the War Mode is generally faster in pacing with an average play time of 15-20 minutes.

The War Mode is currently only available to Custom Game lobbies, with no info yet if will it be available publicly via matchmaking.


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