Is China planning to ban PUBG?

The popular battle royale shooter, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is in the risk of being banned from one of the world’s biggest gaming markets.

Bluehole’s highly popular player-versus-player shooting game title, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, otherwise known as PUBG, is facing a potential lock out from China following the game’s lapses in the country’s Video Game Regulatory guidelines.

In a report over at Bloomberg, PUBG’s one versus everyone style of combat proved to be “too bloody” and “too violent” for the country’s gamers and that the “gladiator-style combat” wherein you need to be the last person left alive in order to win goes against the country’s Socialist values.

In PUBG, players are set to combat against 99 other players in survival-like combat where they need to be the last one alive in order to win.

Despite this looming danger of the game not being approved for China’s massive gaming market, players in the country might still be able to purchase, download, and play the game through the use of Virtual Private Networks, albeit given how tight China’s internet regulations are, there is still the risk of VPNs to not work as intended and might even be blocked by China’s ISPs. One of China’s biggest e-commerce companies, Tencent, were also reported to be in talks with the game’s main developer, BlueHole, to distribute the game in the region, although with this new development from the¬†China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association, the status of the said venture now remains unclear.

China is considered to be the biggest in terms of Video Game Market with an online population of 800 Million internet users, and gaming revenues amounting to 27.5 Billion in US Dollars. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on the other hand became a very big online hit and has now surpassed titles such as Overwatch and World of WarCraft in terms of revenue and is also one of the top games on Steam in terms of concurrent users with hundreds of thousands of players online everyday.

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