You wouldn’t believe who’s coming to ToyCon this year!

Christmas comes early for Toy collectors and Pop Culture fans as ToyCon 2018 is finally around the corner. Running for 17 years, ToyCon is Asia’s longest-running and most titular Toy collector event, and has recently ventured into the realm of general pop culture.

Aside from exclusive toys, this year’s ToyCon will be another star-studded extravaganza with international stars being invited to the delight of Filipino fans. Movie actors, comic artists, and even music artists make up this year’s ToyCon guestlist much to the delight of its Filipino fans.

So without further ado, here is your ToyCon 2018 guestlist!

Neal Adams, one of D.C.’s biggest names in Comics

With a career at DC Comics that spanned decades, Neal Adams has reached LEGENDARY levels and has become one of the iconic artists of the modern day. With works that include Batman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow, Neal Adams has set a new standard in the comic book industry, which was more than enough to be an inspiration to many other comic book artists, and set his own legacy.

Jason David Frank, the living legend of Power Rangers.


The hero of a generation, Jason David Frank is the one and only iconic Green Ranger from the original U.S. run of the highly popular Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Being quickly elevated to legendary status within the Power Rangers fanverse for his compelling portrayal of the character Tommy, Jason David Frank, is perhaps ToyCon’s biggest guest this year, and one that is highly anticipated by its many fans.

Dante Basco, the true prince of the Fire Nation

The Fire nation has attacked! But this time, in what is perhaps the greatest way possible as Dante Basco, the voice actor that gave life to Prince Zuko of Avatar: The Last Airbender is gracing ToyCon 2018 with his presence! Will he be able to teach us the basics of Fire Bending though?

Michael Copon, the coolest Ranger in town

Not just 1, but 2 Rangers are coming to ToyCon 2018 this year, with one of them being Michael Copon, the uber cool persona that gave life to the Blue Ranger of Power Rangers: Time Force. Apart from the character Lucas Kendall, Michael Copon also played as Felix Taggaro in One Tree Hill, and has made appearances in other hit American TV series such as Scrubs and That’s So Raven.

Kelly Hu, sorceress, mutant and high school bestfriend!

The multi-talented star behind X-Men 2’s Lady Deathstrike and Scorpion King’s Sorceress Cassandra is coming to Manila this June for ToyCon 2018! Apart from being part of iconic geek movies, Kelly Hu also starred in popular TV shows such as Martial Law and Arrow. The animation fandom should also be thrilled to have Kelly Hu join this year’s ToyCon 2018 for one of his most iconic roles include Stacy Hirano, the high school bestfriend of Candace Flynn in Phineas and Ferb.

Kevin Grevioux, the man behind Underworld

The Underworld film series will not see the light of day if not partially for the man behind it, Kevin Grevioux. Although playing minor roles in the stories that he himself co-created, Kevin Grevioux’s work is mostly felt through his love of screenwriting and comic books, coming up with new concepts and even new Superheroes, one of which is Blue Marvel of the Marvel comicverse., bringing the love and Elephunk to ToyCon

To say that, or known in real life as Allan Pineda, is one of the most iconic Filipino artists to hit the worldwide stage is an obvious understatement compared to the legacy that the man himself has built. Starting his music career with the Black Eyed Peas, went on to deliver a new wave of hip-hop together with the other Black Eyed Peas members, with some of their iconic singles being “Where is the Love” and “The APL Song”.

Hyolyn! Yes, Hyolyn of Sistar! 

Yes she’s gonna be here! Kim Hyo-jung, more popularly known as Hyolyn of the K-pop group Sistar is joining ToyCon 2018 LIVE on the stage. Being part of Sistar and its sub-group Sistar 19 ever since its inception, Hyolyn will perform her new songs live on the stage of ToyCon 2018’s Sound Arena, and, hopefully, just hopefully, also give us a bit of that Sistar sound that many K-pop fans have grown up with.

ToyCon 2018 will be this coming June 8-10, 2018 in the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila. Tickets to the event are available online via SM Tickets or through other physical SM Ticket outlets.

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