The RUMBLE ROYALE crew get to experience ToyCon 2018 and it was AWESOME!

Last weekend was a total blast for Pinoy Pop Culture fans as they get to experience ToyCon 2018, one of the biggest Pop Culture and Toy Events in South East Asia. Happening in the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, this year’s ToyCon brings a mix of many subcultures, from Toy Lovers, Comic Book fans, to even Pop music enthusiasts.

Toys, toys and more TOYS!

First and foremost, ToyCon is a celebration of the toy fandom, and boy does the event have a lot to offer. From Funko Pops, Nendoroids, Figmas, Figures, and even Model Kits, you name it, they have it. One of the very joys of ToyCon is the hunt for that one special piece that you can add to your collection and the RUMBLE ROYALE crew did just that as they partake in the PHP 1,000 Challenge! So what toys did Suzzysaur!, Sh1n Boo and JOESTARSCREAM get? Find out soon!

Don’t you just want to buy them all?


Prince Zuko was there!

Avatar: The Last Airbender is just one memorable series for animation fans, and what better way to celebrate ToyCon 2018 than to have the man behind Prince Zuko himself, Dante Basco! Initially known for his character, Rufio in the 1991 movie Hook, which was based on the story Peter Pan, Dante Basco became the voice behind the iconic Prince Zuko, the antagonist turned hero of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. An amazing human being, Dante Basco loved mingling with fans on stage and off stage and as well as sharing his Filipino heritage, as he talked about his childhood memories together with the other celebrity guests.

Dante Basco (middle) with other ToyCon celebrity guests, photo courtesy of ToyCon

K-Pop Revolution, because why not!

Perhaps one of the most surprising additions to this year’s ToyCon is the arrival of Sistar’s Hyloyn. Quick FYI, Sistar is one of the most popular Pop music groups from South Korea, with hit songs like “Touch My Body” and “Alone”. Even though only Hyolyn is there, the fans still felt the Sistar spirit as they danced and they sang to Hylolyn’s new hits.

Exclusive Collectibles and Merchandise

One of the common arguments against ToyCon is that the merchandise can be found elsewhere so there’s no need to go the event if you’re a Toy fan but damn does this argument proven to be wrong with all the exclusive collectibles at ToyCon 2018! You get toys proudly made by TEQ63, other exclusive collectibles from Anatoy, Luk Chee Chew, and Jacquelyn Wky  and as well as more than a dozen unique finds that you can never buy elsewhere!

An AWESOME experience that truly has something for everyone!

With an amazing guest lineup, tons of activities, and not to mention the overflowing merchandise, ToyCon 2018 proves once again that it still has a lot to offer, not just to Toy fans, but Pop Culture enthusiasts in general as it continues to evolve and welcome all types of fandom under one big roof. It’s not just about Toy collectors, but fans of Western shows, comic books, Anime, and even Music. This year’s event may have just wrapped up but we sure can’t wait for ToyCon 2019!

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