Fortnite players? More like Fortnite VARSITY players.

The United States’ National Association of College Esports, or NACE will most likely be expanding their reach to Fortnite as one of its affiliated universities just opened up a scholarship program for Fortnite players.

The Ashland University in Ohio recently added Fortnite to the list of games that it supports through its Esports Scholarship program which means that aspiring Fortnite pro players can study and be Esports stars at the same time as Varsity Cyberathletes. For those who are interested in the program, all they have to do is to sign-up through the Ashland University website and undergo a screening process before chosen as part of AU’s Fortnite varsity team.

Being part of the NACE, it is possible that other schools will follow Ashland University’s footsteps and offer Fortnite scholarships as well. However, this will largely depend on NACE’s overall program and if the organization is planning to hold collegiate Fortnite competitions. Fortnite, originally a sandbox survival game by Epic Games has seen a huge surge in popularity after launching its free-to-play Battle Royale mode. In contrast to other popular Battle Royale titles, Fortnite incorporates building and resource gathering to add another layer of gameplay while still following the 100-player, last man standing format.


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