Thousands of Mexican Dragon Ball fans will get to see Goku’s biggest fight yet together on the big screen!

Dragon Ball fans in Ciudad Juarez, one of the most populous cities in Chihuahua, Mexico are in for a special treat as they are invited to a public Viewing Party of the upcoming finale of Dragon Ball Super!

Announced early this week, the municipal president Armando Cabada stated that the local government of Ciudad Juarez will be hosting a live viewing of Son Goku’s fight with Jiren live at the Plaza de la Mexicanidad with thousands of fans already RSVPing.

A todos los fans de Dragon Ball, les informo que estamos ya coordinándonos para el evento en la X. Cuenten con mi apoyo. Vamos bien.-@

Armando Cabada 发布于 2018年3月7日

The newest addition to the long-running Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball super picks up after the events of Battle of Gods and introduces us to the Dragon Ball multiverse.

Son Goku facing Beerus, a god of destruction and the main antagonist of the Battle of the Gods arc.

After gaining the respect of Beerus and unlocking a new Super Saiyan Form, Goku meets with new adversaries and also Zeno, the “King of all Universes”. While Goku was able to befriend Zeno, the Omni-king, who found amusement in stories of Goku’s exploits, and as well as seeing the best fighters of the universe fight, decide to hold a “Tournament of Power” which is a competition to know as to who really is the best fighter in the multiverse, chosen and accompanied by their universe’s own God of Destruction, only this time, the loser will have their universe erased from existence!

The different Gods of Destruction in the Dragon Ball Multiverse

Now at the final battle, Son Goku must use all his might and the new found power of the Ultra Instinct to defeat Jiren for the fate of his own Universe!

Dragon Ball Super fans of Ciudad Juarez are surely in for a treat this coming Dragon Ball Super season finale on March 17, 2018 as they not only get to watch the epic battle between Goku and Jiren conclude but also catch up on the last remaining episodes of Dragon Ball Super as the event will also air episodes 126 to 129 before the main event.


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