If you’ve spent a good part of your childhood and teen years playing in Internet Cafes, then these 5 phrases will surely ring a lot of bells and bring back memories

Playing in Internet Cafes has become a very significant part of the Filipino gamer growing up, as Internet or LAN cafes became their first haven. Evolving from what was once just a business to now becoming a community in itself, Internet Cafes have become the “to go” place for Pinoys of different shapes and sizes, and has become more than just a place where you can rent out PCs to play your favorite video games.

As such, the Internet Cafe has also evolved a cultural identity of its own within the Pinoy Culture, complete with its own lingo and cliches. And since that it is its own Culture, the Filipino Internet Cafe is with its own colorful language, one that only Pinoys who grew up with it can totally relate to.

“Restart mo lang”

Running an Internet Cafe requires tech know-how regarding how PCs work and what better way to troubleshoot EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM that customers can encounter by, well, simply restarting the PC!

Game crashed? Restart mo lang.
Keyboard or mouse doesn’t work? Restart mo lang.
Game isn’t installed? Restart mo lang.
Di ka gusto ni crush? Well, Restart mo lang!


“Pa-pause time po”

We Filipinos are very practical people and we would really love to get the most out of what we spend which is why it makes sense that we don’t wanna pay for the PC Rental IF we can’t play a game yet. And, since we’re all playing mostly online games, and since we can’t play online games while they’re updating it would make sense for our PC Rental Time to also be paused, right?

Speaking of which kuya, pa-pause pala, di pa’ko naglalaro eh, nagsusulat pa me.



Ah, the early days of online gaming, back when Fiber Internet was still nonexistent and we had to enjoy and endure 256 kbps of Internet Speed together with the other 19 customers Internet Cafe customers. Of course, YouTube’s videos eat a good amount of bandwidth and causes network lag so watching YouTube videos or just even listening to music while playing is almost always a big no-no.


“Pa-5 minutes lang po, tatapusin lang yung game/quest”

Look, I just want to make sure that I end my game properly alright? What’s wrong about giving just 5 minutes? I don’t wanna disconnect and be called a “Quitter” just because I my game took longer than expected. Promise, I’ll end this within 5 minutes, sige na ate please.



Yup, it’s already 2017 and people still mistake the term used to describe network delay for a piece of wood.

How about you, which common Pinoy Internet Cafe lingo do you relate to the most?

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