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Saan aabot ang 1000 Pesos mo? [ToyCon 2018 Challenge]

Saan nga ba aabot ang PHP 1,000 sa ToyCon? Suzzysaur, JOESTARSCREAM and Sh1n Boo take the challenge and find out!

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The Philippines’ first PlayStation specialized store is finally HERE!

Now you know where to buy your PlayStation goodies!

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All the absolute BEST stuff from ToyCon 2018

The RUMBLE ROYALE crew get to experience ToyCon 2018 and it was AWESOME!

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Be cool for School with MSI’s Back-to-School Promotion!

We’ve all been there when most of us don’t look forward to the start of school season because it also means thee nd of fun and sleepless nights of gaming. But, MSI Notebook is breaking that impression and is giving everyone a reason to look forward the season through the “Back-to-School” promotion.

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Check out the biggest names that are coming to ToyCon 2018 this weekend!

You wouldn’t believe who’s coming to ToyCon this year!

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Welcome to v 1.0

We finally have a website!

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